Top Octocopter Drones for Commercial Usage

In the last decade or so, drones have taken over local parks and other urban areas. It seems like everyone has at least a dabbled in trying a drone once or twice, and they are no doubt useful and fun to play around with. Quadcopters pretty much set the standard for drones, but octocopter drones are now starting to really take over. They are the more expensive option for sure, but something that those who are really into the hobby feel is a worthy investment.

Octocopter Drone

What is an octocopter drone?

Quadcopters and hexacopters have four and six motors and propellers, respectively, so one can guess just how many octocopters have. While that right away puts it in a different category, many people feel as though having eight different propeller propulsion units is the perfect amount for the best overall value.

The more motors a drone has, the better chance that it can safely land if something is to go wrong. That extra bit of protection can certainly come in handy if a person is using their drone carrying around a lot of expensive equipment.

Compared to cheaper options with fewer propeller propulsion units, an octocopter is going do you have the ability to go faster, reach higher altitude, carry more equipment and be safer overall. They are also able to hold up better in adverse weather conditions, if weather is going to change in a moments notice.

Octocopter drone selection tips

The good news for anyone shopping for an octocopter is that they do not really have to worry about as many cheap and unreliable companies out there. For entry-level drones, they are littered with options that are simply unusable for the vast majority of people. Since this is a more expensive device, those companies usually do not even bother making something this powerful.

Even though each octocopter is going to be pretty powerful in its own right, companies are still going to focus on certain aspects. For example, some companies specialize in reaching the highest altitude possible, and they do that by sacrificing a little bit of carrying capacity and power. Others might tend to focus on going as fast as possible for people to enjoy that thrill.

Top octocopter drone brands

Top octocopter brands currently include DROCON, Tarot, DJI, xFold, and more. Since octocopters are still relatively new to the consumer world, there is not a dominant force yet in the industry. That is good news for people who want to just shop around and see what might be available.

Average pricing

Pricing for a drone this powerful can get pretty expensive, but there are still some affordable options for people who are just getting into it. One of the most popular options from Tarot is routinely under $500 on Amazon. However, a person can easily spend thousands of dollars on one of these drones if they want to have the best of the best.

Online shopping seems to be the best bet for a lot of people, because stores seem to be a little bit on the pricier side. Finding the right drone on line might be the best option for people who want to save a little bit of money.

Octocopter versus quadcopter

The easiest way to compare the two is that the octocopter has eight motors and propellers to lift the drone off of the ground, while the quadcopter only has four. This makes it a lot more powerful, and also a lot more expensive in most cases.

Most people who invest in an octocopter are going to be seasoned flyers for the most part. Those who are just starting out might want to opt for a quadcopter in the beginning.

Top options to consider

Below is a list of three different octocopters for people to start looking at if they are in the mood for shopping. They all have their positives and negatives, and they are all in pretty separate price ranges as well.

Tarot X8 8-Axis

Since its launch, this option from Tarot has a reputation as being the best value on the market today for those shopping for an octocopter. It has a 15 minute flight time, and it is constructed of carbon fiber. It is easy to use in the air, and the only real drawback is a relatively long charging time.

Those people who want to get into the world should look at this option first, simply because it is very affordable. It might not have all the bells and whistles as the two below, but it is a great entry level option.

Biggest Pro: Affordable octocopter that performs well.

Biggest Negative: Long charging time.

DJI S1000

For a little bit more money, a person can invest in a drone that is better in a variety of ways. Not only is it faster to charge, but it is a little bit more powerful, can reach higher heights and is just more dependable according to reviews.

What makes this a great octocopter is that it is meant for aerial photographers and cinematographers. It can be very easy to use, even for those people who are not used to using drones on a consistent basis. With great stability, it can handle some pretty heavy equipment as well.

Biggest Pro: Professional, durable build for any type of photo or video project.

Biggest Negative: Still only capable of flying for about 15 minutes at a time.

xFold Spy X8

xFold has quickly evolved into a high priced manufacturer for different types of octocopters on the market today. This is a very small drone that can do just about anything out there for a person looking for the ultimate amount of maneuverability.

Despite being very small and lightweight, it can still carry camera equipment very easily. This is designed specifically for filmmakers who like to go all over the world and want to pack relatively lightly.

Biggest Pro: Extremely lightweight, allowing for very easy maneuverability in the air.

Biggest Negative: Very expensive at right around $3500.